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We are proud to tailor programs specifically for schools that help young students shape their future. When young people gain leadership skills and experience they are empowered for life. Our programs will be designed to meet your needs, combining extreme fun, personal development, leadership models and opportunities to implement and consolidate new skills.

Our practical yet transformational programs provide young people opportunities to increase their understanding of themselves, of others and of leadership. The programs offer tools and opportunities to implement their new skills.

Activities are specifically designed to empower young people and meet the needs of our visiting school. The program is provided in a safe and supportive environment and is designed to increase self-awareness, challenge limiting beliefs and identify leadership potential.

At the end of the program, participants will have:

  • Identified their natural strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Challenged personal barriers derived from preconceived limitations.
  • Led teams through challenging activities.
  • A better understanding of how they make decisions.
  • A set of tools to use in their life and in their leadership roles.
  • New friendships and networks.

We can offer our accommodation at River Lodge, as well as plenty of space to camp in the bush, or a mixture of both. Catering can also be provided.

Safe & Supportive

Our programs are delivered in a safe and supportive environment by facilitators who have years of experience working with youth.


Give our youth the skills and experience in leadership and they are empowered for life.

Tools for Life

Students identify their strengths and opportunities for growth, leaving with tools they can use in all aspects of their life.

Lessons in Leadership

A pinch of theory combined with a truly unique experience to get the most out of students.

Completely Customizable

We work with you to develop a program that meets your specific goals and budget.

Extreme Fun

Our programs, activities, games and challenges all share one common rule: have fun!

Student Feedback

We are a can-do organisation: we make it work for you
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