MLA offers a wide range of programs and services designed to produce great outcomes for your organisation through the development of your people. From half-day conference break activities, to a suite of programs using the latest in psychometric instruments, to leadership programs, we've got you covered.

Options include a range of 2 and 3 day experiential team building and leadership programs catering for corporate groups, emergency services organisations, school groups and sporting groups. Programs can be tailored to suit your specific needs – including length, amount of instruction provided and level of effort required. Full catering and accommodation can be provided as part of our package.

We have a number of highly successful ‘off the shelf’ programs that can be delivered as they are, or modified to suit the needs of your organisation. These are outlined below.

3 Day Residential Program

A program designed for organisations who understand the importance of team building and team leadership in achieving and sustaining high levels of individual, team and organizational performance. Teams Work is a three day residential, experiential and activity-based program that will help identify team skills and leadership potential while supporting group participation and perseverance. The program is facilitated by an experienced and qualified team that includes counsellors, motivators and educators.

This practical program will change the way people work and communicate. It will help create high performing teams and effective team players. Activities are provided in a safe and supportive environment and are designed to improve team functioning in the workplace through increased understanding of what makes good teamwork.

At the end of these three days of self-discovery, participants will have:

  • Greater understanding of the importance of trust, support and positive reinforcement in teams.
  • Increased respect for and tolerance of others.
  • Learned how to provide effective feedback and encouragement.
  • Identified barriers to team work.
  • Learned how to identify common goals and standards.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Developed goal setting, planning and problem solving skills.
3 – 5 Day Residential Program

For experienced leaders who wish to extend their understanding of leadership frameworks, concepts and strategies in order to improve their leadership effectiveness.

Our Leadership Development program provides opportunities for participants to learn and apply leadership skills through a series of challenging missions conducted utilizing our private bush and river setting. 

Leadership Development can be delivered for leaders from the same organisation or leaders from different organisations. Participants can expand their networks by joining a group of participants from a number of organisations. Group size is limited in order to provide maximum opportunities for each one to lead a lengthy challenging mission and to gain optimum benefit from the feedback provided by facilitators. The program is delivered by well qualified and highly experienced facilitators. 

Leadership Development blends the insights gained through a formal structured 360-degree assessment with the power of experiential learning to provide participants with a unique leadership experience. By the end of the program, participants will have developed and applied skills in:

  • Goal-setting.
  • Decision-making.
  • Providing effective feedback.
  • Using different leadership styles.
4 Day Residential Program

A Youth Leadership Program that helps young emerging leaders to shape their future. When young people gain leadership skills and experience they are empowered for life. Boundless is a four-day residential leadership program that combines extreme fun, personal development, leadership models and opportunities to implement and consolidate new skills.

This practical yet transformational program provides young people who either aspire to be leaders or who already undertake leadership roles in their school, sporting club, work, etc., opportunities to increase their understanding of themselves, of others and of leadership.

Activities are specifically designed to empower young people who aspire to be leaders. The program is provided in a safe and supportive environment and is designed to increase self awareness, challenge limiting beliefs and identify leadership potential. At the end of our Youth Leadership program, participants will have:

  • Challenged personal barriers derived from preconceived limitations.
  • Led teams through challenging activities.
  • A better understanding of how they make decisions.
  • A set of tools to use in their life and leadership roles.
  • New friendships and networks.
  • Identified their natural strengths and opportunities for growth
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